Instructional Design

MATH 180 teachers partner with sophisticated technology to help them do what they do best: reach students. Students benefit from this partnership by receiving consistent instruction that is fully optimized and allows them to master skills and advance at an accelerated pace.

Model for Blended Learning

  • Whole Class
    Do Now
  • Group Instruction and Personalized Software
  • Get Students Addicted to Learning
  • "It is not what technology can do; it is what it can make happen."
  • Instruction begins with a whole-class Do Now to help students warm up. These classroom management routines encourage thinking, inspire mathematical habits of mind, and make connections to prior topics.

  • Students break into two groups and rotate between group instruction and the personalized software.

    In group instruction the teacher focuses on building conceptual understanding, developing reasoning and communication skills, and interpreting student thinking. The personalized software adapts to the needs of each student, providing added support and practice for those who need it and accelerating those ready to move on.

  • Customized to the needs of each student, the Brain Arcade creates a personalized playlist of games that build strategic and computational fluency. The Brain Arcade promotes agency by providing students with choice over the games they play. Available anywhere, anytime, the Brain Arcade makes math fun and rewarding—in and outside of the classroom.

  • David Dockterman is a leading developer and publisher of educational technology. As part of SAM Education, Dockterman serves as Chief Architect, Learning Sciences and travels the country speaking about the power of failure and the application of gaming technology for education. He has guided the development of scores of award-winning educational software programs including FASTT Math and Fraction Nation. He earned his EdD from Harvard University and is also an Adjunct Lecturer at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. As part of the MATH 180 team, David has focused primarily on the development of the Brain Arcade and its effectiveness in building math fluency.