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Welcome to the MATH 180 Family Portal

Dear Families,

Your child is enrolled in MATH 180, an exciting new math program that blends teacher instruction with innovative technology to help students become stronger and more capable math students.

We hope that you’ll visit this website often to:

All of us here at HMH are committed to supporting families and teachers in building your child’s confidence and competence with the essential math skills, strategies, and understanding necessary for college and career readiness.

David Dockterman, Ed.D.

Chief Architect Learning Sciences

The Promise of MATH 180

MATH 180 was designed to help all students be ready for college and career by rebuilding mathematical foundations.


    MATH 180 was designed to rebuild the mathematical foundations necessary for your child to succeed in algebra and higher-level mathematics.


    MATH 180 was created to help you make sense of the math so you feel successful in math class.


Research shows that our brains have a level of plasticity that allows us to develop new skills with effort and practice. MATH 180 teaches students that hard work and determination are crucial factors in raising academic achievement.

Dr. Carol Dweck, Stanford University

What’s Your Mindset?

Throughout MATH 180, students take Mindset Scans to help them understand their current mindset. Take this scan to determine whether you have a growth or fixed mindset.

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