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Educator Confidence Report

Welcome to HMH's 9th annual Educator Confidence Report. The third and final part of the Educator Confidence Report, Outlook on Academic Recovery, is available now. Get all three reports below.

Educators’ Outlook in 2023

In our 9th annual Educator Confidence Report (ECR), conducted in partnership with MarketCast, educators shared their feelings about the state of education at a challenging time for our schools.

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ECR Part 1: Outlook on Teaching & AI

Are educators optimistic about the future of the profession? How do they feel about AI in the classroom? Part 1 of the ECR breaks down teachers’ views.

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ECR Part 2: Outlook on Teacher Well-Being

What do educators need to battle burnout? What can be done to improve their experience? Find out how educators answer these questions in Part 2 of the ECR.

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ECR Part 3: Outlook on Academic Recovery

How are educators feeling about learning recovery? What do they say they need most to improve student outcomes? Learn more in Part 3 of the ECR.

Educator Confidence on the Rise

The Educator Confidence Index, a measure of overall confidence in the teaching profession, was at a historic low last year (40.0 out of 100). But this year’s report shows signs that educator confidence may be on the rise.

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Archived Reports

For the past eight years, we at HMH® have surveyed educators on the state of education, their profession, and the needs of students. Explore our archive 
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2023 Educator Confidence Report

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