Educator Confidence Report

Welcome to HMH’s 6th Annual Educator Confidence Report. We asked teachers about the issues that impact them daily, with a new focus on COVID-19. Find out their top concerns, surprising bright spots, and how optimistic they are about the future of education.

Experiences from the spring of 2020

As The Learning Company®, we are committed to understanding the needs of educators and realities of the classroom. For the past five years, the Educator Confidence Report (ECR) has served as a voice for educators to share their views on the state of education, their profession, and students’ needs. With the ongoing disruption to teaching and learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we knew that voice was more important than ever for educators on the front lines in schools across the country. Our report captures the experiences of educators this past spring and underscores the need for a new, digital first, connected era of learning.

Find out what's on educators' minds.