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Educator Confidence Report

Welcome to HMH’s 8th Annual Educator Confidence Report. We asked teachers about issues that impact them every day. Discover how they view the profession, and what they say will help retain teachers and support their well-being.

Educators’ Outlook in 2022

In our 8th Annual Educator Confidence Report, conducted in partnership with MarketCast, educators shared their feelings about the state of education at a time when learning recovery is at the forefront of everyone's minds. While their confidence in the profession is down, it’s certainly not lost. Coming out of another tumultuous year, educators say they need connection, community, and customization.

Overall Confidence
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    Educator Confidence Index at a Historic Low

    The Educator Confidence Index, a measure of overall confidence in the teaching profession, continues to drop. Confidence now sits at 40.0 (out of 100)—its lowest in the report’s history—down from 42.7 in 2021 and 49.0 in 2020.

    What’s affecting teacher confidence?

What Educators Are Saying

Educators shared their perspective on many topics, including today’s changing classrooms, teacher well-being, and the future of education. Here are a few highlights.

  • 68% of educators report EdTech has become essential to the classroom.

  • 78% of educators say their top concern today is the mental health of their peers.

  • 65% of educators say connecting instructional tools, like supplemental work and assessment, on one platform will transform education.

The Support Teachers Need

Teachers report the state of education hinges on three tenets: connection, community, and customization.

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    Educators feel that technology is benefiting the educational experience.

    Pandemic-Era Tools Educators Say Are Vital:

    1. Tools used to communicate between teachers and parents (63%)
    2. Tools that deliver interactive learning opportunities to students (57%)
    3. Video conference tools (52%)

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    Teachers need the support of the entire community to succeed.

    Top 3 Immediate Needs for Educator Retention:

    1. Improved salary and benefits
    2. Support for educator well-being like mental and physical health
    3. Adequate funding for classroom needs like supplies and resources

    What are educators’ long-term needs?

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    Customized tech solutions are vital to meeting every learners’ needs.

    Tools Educators are Most Excited to See in Future Classrooms:

    1. Easy-to-use technology for the classroom and remote learning (63%)
    2. Resources to support SEL (social and emotional learning) in the classroom (55%)
    3. Resources dedicated to solving inequities in education (50%)

    What do administrators want in future classrooms?

Looking Forward

The past couple of years have been challenging, but educators acknowledge some positive impacts of the pandemic. The rise in EdTech has increased student engagement, people are paying more attention to inequities in education, and teachers have a greater voice in issues critical to the profession. With a continued focus on these positive trends, the future of education remains bright.

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