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Educator Confidence Report

Welcome to HMH's 7th Annual Educator Confidence Report. We asked teachers about issues that impact them daily, focusing especially on technology and students' emotional well-being. Discover how educators are thriving right now, along with where their confidence is lacking.

Experiences from the spring of 2021

For the past six years, the Educator Confidence Report (ECR) has given educators a forum to share their views on the state of education, the teaching profession, and the prevailing needs of students. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic underlies much of the report. After more than a year of moving between remote and in-person instruction, teachers say they are more confident than ever using technology.

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Key Findings

In 2021, educators went from being forced to adapt to remote learning environments to finding ways to thrive in them. Around 2 in 3 teachers reported feeling confident with EdTech, compared to just 1 in 2 teachers last year.

Themes of the report
Educational Technology: From Promise to Proof

How has a year of online education affected teaching and learning?

Emotional Well-Being

How are educators thinking differently about social and emotional learning?

The Classroom of the Future

How do educators think the classrooms of today will shape those of tomorrow?

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Archived Reports

For the past six years, we at HMH® have surveyed educators on the state of education, their profession, and the needs of students. How have their views changed over the years? Explore our archive of past Educator Confidence Reports here.