Social and Emotional Learning Activities and Lesson Plans

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The pandemic has shed light on the importance of social and emotional learning (SEL) in schools, though educators have recognized its value in the classroom for years. In HMH’s 6th annual Educator Confidence Report, published in 2020 in collaboration with YouGov, 77% of educators expressed concerns about students’ social and emotional well-being, and 94% agreed that students need more SEL support.

Nearly overnight in March 2020, as schools closed and turned to remote learning, the well-being of students beyond their academic success became a major concern for teachers and administrators—and it will continue to be viewed as such moving forward. Beyond the pandemic, factors such as the prevalence of social media and a widespread focus on mental health and classroom climate have made SEL a priority in many districts.

If you’re looking to implement an SEL curriculum, you can start with these social and emotional learning activities.

SEL Activities and Lesson Plans

The following SEL lesson plans for students in elementary school through high school include writing prompts, downloadable posters, worksheets, reading lists, and more. With these activities and social and emotional lessons, you can help students build the skills needed for success in and out of the classroom.


Discover more great social emotional-emotional learning resources for teachers.

Learn more about HMH Into Reading (Grades K–6) and HMH Into Literature (Grades 6–12), which have SEL lesson plans and support built into the curriculum.

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