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Differentiated Instruction Resources

Differentiation, or tailoring classroom instruction, can help meet your students' diverse needs when delivered effectively. There are many reasons students might learn at a different pace, including socioeconomics, home life, physical and mental development, or other factors that impact learning. Finding new strategies to reach all of your students will help them to make progress in their learning goals.

Differentiation allows for you to give an individualized approach in the classroom despite classroom size and there are many ways to make it engaging, fun, and successful. Read the differentiated instruction articles below to find new strategies to implement in your classroom.

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Reading and Writing
  • 3 Strategies for Small-Group Reading Instruction

    3 Strategies for Small-Group Reading Instruction

    Get tips from literacy expert JillE on small-group reading instruction, which allows for a more intimate setting and enables teachers to observe students more closely.

    Jill Eggleton, QSO
    International Literacy Consultant and Children’s Book Author; Author and Advisor, Into Reading

  • Structuring the Literacy Block

    Structuring the Literacy Block

    The most productive literacy block schedules include various reading and writing activities and instruction to help build foundational skills.

    Francie Alexander
    Chief Research Officer, HMH

    Dr. Amy Endo
    Education Research Director, Supplemental & Intervention Language & Literacy

    Renee Behring
    Education Research Director, Core Literacy & Early Learning

    Dr. Terry Salinger
    Institute Fellow and Chief Scientist for Literacy Research, American Institutes for Research

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