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Celebrate Exceptional Educators and Students

The 180 Awards recognize educators and students who have achieved success using Read 180® and Math 180®.

Nominations for the 2023–2024 school year are now closed. Winners are to be announced by the end of the 2024 school year.

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What Are the 180 Awards?

The 180 Awards celebrate outstanding students who have demonstrated remarkable growth in their academic journey, as well as dedicated educators, committed to guiding students toward success. 

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Watch this video to learn more about the 180 Awards and why we celebrate students' and educators' outstanding achievements.

Thank you for the honor of recognizing me for the work I have done this year with the Math 180 program. It means a lot to know that what I am doing each day to try to maximize the Math 180 program's effectiveness is noticed and appreciated. I see the benefits of this intervention program every day in my classroom.

Amanda Borden

Strike Middle School, TX

2024 Student Awards

Recognizing Student Growth

The 180 Awards recognize students who have overcome learning challenges and have excelled in growth using Math 180 and/or Read 180.

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Get Inspired by a Student Winner

"I really struggled with reading, but with the Read 180 program not only can I read words better than before, but I can actually understand what I am reading."

Eduardo G.

Student, Spc. Rafael Hernando Middle School
El Paso, TX

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2024 Educator Awards

Honoring Educators' Dedication

The 180 Educator Awards recognize outstanding teachers who, through unwavering dedication, open new doors to academic success. These educators inspire students to overcome personal and academic obstacles.

Are you imagining an outstanding educator now? Nominations are now open.

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Get Inspired by a Teacher Winner

"Math 180 has not only allowed my students to grow as learners but has revealed a path for my own self-growth within my profession by providing consistency and structure in each lesson."

Amber Geise

Teacher, Sugar Valley Rural Charter School
Loganton, PA

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Frequently Asked Questions

Connect with Fellow Educators

If you are a Read 180 or Math 180 teacher who wants to empower educators to connect with each other, share expertise, and amplify innovative teaching happening every day, then join the HMH Teacher Contributor Group, part of ⁠the HMH District Advocacy Program, or become an active member of our ⁠Facebook Community.

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Success Stories

Reading Success Story 180 Awards WF1900670

A Reading Success Story

Discover how Read 180 put Jamaica, a former student in Clovis, California, on a path to a bright future.

Unlocking Growth for All Students 180 Awards WF1900670

Unlocking Growth for All Students

Witness the transformative impact as Wayne Westland, Michigan, strategically implements Read 180 and Math 180 within core classrooms and dedicated intervention spaces fostering unparalleled growth and academic success.

Empowering Math Learners 180 Awards WF1900670

Empowering Math Learners

See how Math 180 gave a student from Norwalk, Connecticut, the confidence to become a leader in the classroom and consider pursuing a future career involving math.

See how Read 180 put Jamaica, a former student in Clovis, California, on a path to a bright future.

Unlocking Growth for All Students

Empowering Math Learners with Math 180