51 Minutes

The Magic of Story

Jill Eggleton, QSO

In this webinar, international consultant and literacy expert Jill Eggleton shares the importance of reading aloud daily to students of all ages, elements of successful read aloud books, and effective reading routines that keep listeners engaged while developing their imaginations.

Have questions about shared reading routines? Ask Jill! Join us live for this literacy workshop for an opportunity to dialogue with HMH® program author Jill Eggleton and help ensure your earliest learners cultivate a love of reading that will last a lifetime!

LIVE attendees will receive a professional development certificate of completion and access to a sample guided reader created by Jill Eggleton for her new Rigby® JillE Literacy® series!

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Rigby JillE Literacy®

A K–3 literacy experience that offers resources to engage readers, spark critical thinking, and inspire curiosity.

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