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Support for Your School Year

Find solutions to achievement gaps, remote learning, equity, and professional learning.

Think connected to navigate a blended in-person and remote school year. Our connected teaching and learning solutions put your assessment, core instruction, supplemental practice, and professional learning in one place.

Instructional Planning

Connected teaching and learning helps you accelerate growth and close gaps.

Assess to Inform Instruction

With a lack of end-of-year assessment data and early school closures, we know that planning instruction will be difficult. HMH Growth Measure is a valid and reliable adaptive assessment that provides timely insights into student proficiency and connects these insights to help prioritize and target instruction.

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Address Priority Standards

Results from assessments will help inform where instructional challenges exist. Focusing on HMH Priority Standards improves student learning for all, particularly students who are behind. Bridge and Grow Pathways gives ELA and Math teachers prioritization and resources at the detailed skills and concepts level, which makes instruction much more actionable and effective.

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Remote Teaching & Learning

Educators, students, and families can teach and learn at school, at home, and anywhere in between when you think connected.

Connected Is Better

Instructional planning time is more precious than ever. Explore how HMH Connected Teaching saves you time and gives you access to assessment insights, instruction that is available online or offline, and professional learning – all within one platform. Extend the classroom with HMH Connected Teaching and Learning.

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Build Teacher Capacity

HMH has online courses to ensure your teachers are ready for remote learning to maximize instructional time. Courses designed to help teachers navigate unpredictable learning and plan for effective remote learning will be key to a successful start to school. Literacy and Math Solutions consultants are ready to help districts and teachers plan for re-entry and develop remote instructional plans– for synchronous, asynchronous, and unplugged learning environments.

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Early Foundational Skills

Every teacher would love a reading assistant. Amira Learning™, powered by AI, assesses oral reading fluency, screens for dyslexia risk, and saves time by automatically generating a running record. Amira makes remote teaching and learning a reality.

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Support Core ELA & Math Instruction

With Waggle®, teachers can meet the diverse needs of all learners with the rigorous practice and lessons that support core instruction and engage students in their zones of proximal development which will help drive growth and close the achievement gap.

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Literacy Through Writing

Writable® supports ELA curriculum, district benchmarks, and state standards with more than 600 fully customizable assignments and rubrics. Writable is the perfect remote learning solution that every student needs and every teacher wants.

Equity & Access

Create a truly connected culture that fosters equity with professional learning and actionable strategies.

Facilitate Conversations & Improve Culture

To dismantle the equity problem, every learning community needs to have healthy conversations about race, class, and disability and create a culture with equity as an unwavering core value. HMH programs foster equity in school culture, and our partners at ICLE are here to support you with professional learning, strategic planning, executive consulting, and coaching.

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Online Professional Learning

Connect with professional coaches, courses, and support online for continuous learning.

Connected, Continuous Professional Learning

With valuable school days lost over the last few months, the time spent with students now is critical. The HMH professional teaching team of certified coaches and consultants can help get you started and keep you going. Online courses and virtual coaching build capacity for remote teaching and learning to help you reach your goals.

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Ongoing Support for Every Teacher, Every Day

Feel confident teaching anywhere with the all-new, digital connected platform, Teacher’s Corner™. Whether you need help navigating a new program or want to deep dive into best practices, Teacher’s Corner offers ongoing support and an ever-growing library of professional learning resources from other teachers and our team of experienced coaches.

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The Power of Coaching

Everyone could use a coach. Our research-based, student-focused coaching model is proven to help teachers improve their practice and raise student achievement. HMH certified coaches, available on the award-winning, online Coaching Studio, provide you with the support you need to positively impact students every day.

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