Eye movement practice helps unlock the power of reading

When students use the King-Devick system, students are tasked to read aloud dynamically presented number targets as quickly and accurately as possible. Speed settings are easily adjusted and increased with ongoing practice.

K-D RAP brings new technology to the classroom.

Critical Window
Research has shown K-D RAP to be most effective for all students in Grades 1–4.

Quick Outcomes
Students have shown to improve reading scores in as little as six weeks.

Flexible Administration
Students can practice in school or at home with any compatible portable devices.

Peer-reviewed studies show great benefits to students most in need.

Closing the Gap
Although K-D RAP benefits all students, struggling readers who completed the program saw the most significant gains in oral reading fluency and comprehension.

Continued Growth
Below-level students who received maintenance K-D RAP practice sessions continued to demonstrate improvements in reading scores.

Lasting Results
Longitudinal tracking in reading shows that student improvements in reading remained beyond 2 years following their last use of K-D RAP.

K-D RAP is simple and easy to navigate for all users.

Real-Time Compliance
The web-based program allows teachers and administrators to monitor up-to-date performance outcome measures.

Individualized Goals
Students receive custom practice profiles with tailored goals and incentives.

Administrators can track progress and access performance reports.

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