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Irene and Shane have collaborated to produce the key resource for Journeys Literacy Workshop: The Literacy and Language Guide. It’s a flexible, manageable guide for teaching whole-group, small-group, and independent activities within reading, writing, and word study workshops.

Integrate Reading, Writing, and Word Study

Reading Workshop
Whole-group reading mini-lessons explore three fiction and nonfiction titles every week.

Word Study Workshop
Daily activities and sorts for Spelling/Phonics and Vocabulary support students at all phases of development.

Writing Workshop
Writing mini-lessons are designed using the gradual release model.

Assessments: Show students how far they’ve come

Reading Inventory
Match students to that just-right book with a low-stress, adaptive, universal screener and growth monitor that measures reading comprehension and foundational reading skills.  

Standards-Based Assessment Resource
Monitor progress in acquiring proficiency with close reading and analytic responding—both in print and online.

Performance assessments
Measure performance as students follow a three-step process of analyze the model, practice the task, and perform the task.


These readers have such a devoted following because they build the skills students need with the books they want to read. The texts span a wide range of reading levels to match any reader’s needs, and every title is accompanied by  teacher notes. Use the links below to see specific titles, ranges, and levels.

Create your own balanced literacy classroom

Model your class around how Irene Fountas and Shane Templeton would organize a balanced literacy classroom.

Build reading, writing, and word study skills

Incorporate mini-lessons from the Literacy and Language Guide to support emerging young readers and writers.

Teach to the needs of your students

Choose from thousands of leveled readers to pair each student with that just-right book.

Instill confidence for high-stakes assessments

Give students practical experience through online assessments that mirror the experience of high-stakes tests.

Develop a lifelong love of authentic literature

Teach with real literature and build a solid foundation that grows into a love of all of the adventures that children will find in the library.


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Professional learning is included with the purchase of Journeys Literacy Workshop to help teachers transition to the program’s new instructional model, pedagogy, and visual models.

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