Scoring Services

HMH offers a comprehensive variety of test administration options to make your Iowa Assessments ™ Forms EFG, CogAT ® Forms 7/8, and/or CogAT  Screening Form assessment experience flexible and efficient. Whether you prefer administering online or via traditional paper-pencil, we have a mode of administration to suit your needs.  

Data Plus Package 

For use with Iowa Assessments Form E and/or CogAT Form 7/8

  • Scoring Method: HMH Central Scanning with Web Reports
  • Send documents to HMH Scoring Service and receive results via web-based reporting within 15 days upon receipt of completed answer documents at our scoring center.
  • Web-based reporting offers more flexibility in working with data than a static paper report, as well as the ability to create dynamic displays with the click of a mouse. Compare data by different classes, different buildings, or review summary data for content area totals. You also can drill down to individual tests and analyze performance on diagnostic skill clusters and use the information to inform instruction.
  • This interface allows the user to access their data on demand.


Online Testing

For use with Iowa Assessments Form E, CogAT Form 7/8, CogAT Screening Form, and Riverside Interim Assessments.

  • Scoring Method: Online Testing with Web Reports
  • Administer the assessment online and receive web based reporting. Users can enjoy a paper-free assessment experience that includes data within 24–48 hours of finalizing an online test session.
  • To learn more about scoring options and packages, please view HMH's scoring software, DataManager
  • Click here for a complete list of scoring options and pricing. 
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