Authors & Advisors

Expert Educators Who Created a Program that Works

Researchers, practitioners, solution developers, and thought leaders received real teacher feedback, and with this, they developed a comprehensive solution rooted in the expertise and experience of educators everywhere.

Juli K. Dixon, Ph.D.
Professor of Mathematics Education; Elementary, Middle, Secondary, and Post-Secondary Mathematics Education
Timothy D. Kanold, Ph.D.
International Educator, Author, and Consultant; Mathematics Education
Matthew R. Larson, Ph.D.
Past President, NCTM; Senior Fellow, Math Solution 
Jennifer Lempp
Coordinator, Office of School Support, Fairfax County Public Schools, Virginia
Edward B. Burger, Ph.D.
Elementary, Middle, Secondary, and Post-Secondary Mathematician
Steven J. Leinwand
Principal Research Analyst, American Institutes for Research
David Dockterman, Ed.D.
Program Consultant, Growth Mindset
Harold Asturias, Ph.D.
Program Consultant, English Language Development

“In the classroom, productive perseverance means that students are given opportunities to wrestle with mathematics.”

Matt Larson
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