Simplify the transition to next-generation science

Designed for an inspiring, high-impact K–12 learning experience, HMH Science Dimensions creates a supportive instructional path for teachers and a dynamic learning environment for students. Teachers guide students to learn through exploration, analysis, application, and explanation—in short, to think like scientists.

Distinguished author team

Developed by science thought leaders and education experts, HMH Science Dimensions gives teachers the tools they need to prepare students for the world that awaits them beyond the classroom.

Groundbreaking spiraled curriculum

Consistent standards guidance woven through all grade levels gives instructors the freedom to make science meaningful and enjoyable.

Empowering student-led lessons

Activity-driven lessons put students in charge of their learning and empower teachers to guide the self-directed learning process and mastery of standards.

Student Experience

The goal of the NGSS is to prepare students to master the science of their time, equipping them for careers in STEM and engineering fields. HMH Science Dimensions’ three-dimensional learning approach arms students with the tools and habits of mind needed to apply scientific reasoning and solve STEM problems relevant to everyday life.

Teacher Experience

With new demands for science literacy in the workplace, teachers are preparing today’s students to be tomorrow’s innovators. HMH Science Dimensions’ built-in support and unique lesson structure enables students to learn through self-directed exploration, analysis, application, and explanation—just like scientists.

Optimized learning online

Ed: Your Friend in Learning, a new online learning system, offers easy program access and support to personalize the teaching and learning experience for every teacher and student.

Professional Learning guides teachers every step of the way

Embedded support
Point-of-use videos featuring our dynamic authors offer instructional and lab demos to guide classroom practices and hands-on activities.

Getting Started courses
Included with HMH Science Dimensions, the start-up training provides an overview of the program, components, resources, planning, differentiation, and ways to engage students with technology.

Follow-up & foundational courses
A needs-based approach helps educators implement our digital tools effectively, review data, and adjust teaching accordingly.

In-classroom coaching provides support to increase rigor, make inquiry-based instructional decisions, incorporate 21st-century and STEM applications into daily instruction, and connect that instruction to the Three Dimensions of Learning.

Our grade-level solutions

Designed to accommodate diverse teaching and learning approaches in today’s elementary, middle, and high school classrooms, HMH Science Dimensions meets every need with well-planned, integrated components.

Grades K–5

Single-grade elementary editions feature complete print and digital curricula, including write-in textbooks and Interactive Online Student and Teacher Editions with built-in professional development materials.

Grades 6–8

At the middle school level, 12 topical modules (write-in texts plus full digital editions) covering Life, Earth & Space, Physical Science, and Engineering can be matched to a district’s curriculum.

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Hardcover high school print texts and fully interactive online editions include rich technology, online standards support, On the Job videos, and many more opportunities to challenge and advance all learners.


See a complete list of technology and components for our HMH Science Dimensions Biology program.

Earth & Space Science

See a complete list of technology and components for our HMH Science Dimensions Earth & Space Science program.


See a complete list of technology and components for our HMH Science Dimensions Chemistry program.


See a complete list of technology and components for our HMH Science Dimensions Physics program.

Generate excitement for STEM careers

Interacting with science concepts in an authentic, investigative setting helps students learn what the work of scientists feels like and motivates them to envision future roles in STEM careers for themselves. Profiles of people in science and engineering careers at the end of each unit further pique student interest.

Develop problem-solving skills

Making the engineering design process (EDP) an integral part of the curriculum, HMH Science Dimensions asks students to brainstorm solutions, collaborate on ideas, and solve real-world problems. Performance Tasks in each unit offer multiple opportunities to apply the EDP by defining a problem and designing a solution.

Create deeper understanding with 3D learning

With each learning objective based on the Three Dimensions of Learning, students are planning and conducting investigations, using evidence to explain their findings, and demonstrating their comprehension of a concept—resulting in enduring understanding.

Turn students into active, investigative learners

Taking charge of hands-on investigations, making claims, and learning to think critically helps students gain confidence in their scientific reasoning skills. Take It Features at the end of each lesson let students choose topics to explore in further depth.

Advance literacy and math skills in science class

In addition to science standards, connections throughout the program to literacy and math standards ensure that students are developing nonfiction reading and writing skills and learning to apply math in real-world situations.

See what HMH Science Dimensions has in store for your classroom.

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