HMH Dimensiones de las Ciencias™
Grades K–12 Science Core
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Cultivate young scientists with content that excites, assessments that propel differentiated instruction, and tailored support that ensures all Spanish-speaking learners meet and master today’s standards.

HMH Dimensiones de las Ciencias is a new Spanish K-12 science curriculum designed specifically to address the Next Generation Science Standards and inspire Spanish learners to “think like a scientist” in and out of the classroom. Offer your Spanish speaking students a fully equitable journey into scientific exploration.

Student Resources
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Spanish Student Edition

Grades K–5

Interactive, write-in WorkTexts for each grade introduce students to the fundamentals of scientific exploration.

Grades 6–8

Covering the domains of life science, physical science, Earth and space science, and engineering, a collection of 12 individual write-in texts guides students through critical concepts.


High school students developing English language skills are also supported with a fully Spanish Biology hardcover text.

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Science and Engineering Leveled Readers

Designed to excite students at every level, a robust collection of engaging Science and Engineering Leveled Readers for Grades K-5 is available in print and online and provides three levels of readability for students. An accompanying Teacher Guide provides activities and support for before, during, and after reading activities.

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Experiential Learning

Bring your curriculum to life with immersive technology that builds real-world connections. Enrich your curriculum with timely videos, simulations, HMH® Field Trips powered by Google® Expeditions, and a host of engaging opportunities for further online exploration.

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Teacher Resources
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Spanish Teacher Guide

Organized around the familiar 5E instructional model, the Spanish Teacher Edition for Grades K-5 provides Spanish translations of teacher prompts and student responses.

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Assessment Guide

Intentionally designed, research-backed formal assessment questions align to multiple dimensions to provide you with a comprehensive picture of student understanding.

Available online, in print, and in an editable Word format, the Guía de Evaluación includes:

  • Beginning-of-Year Tests
  • Unit Pretests
  • Lesson Quizzes
  • Unit Tests
  • Mid-Year and End-of-Year Benchmark Tests
  • Performance-Based Assessments

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