Turn invisible struggles into noticeable successes

Often struggling with ingrained habits of nonengagement, learned passivity, and invisibility in school, many of the nation’s nearly five million English learners are long-term English learners who require more than explicit instruction to succeed. These students need to be inspired to make real-life connections to the texts they’re reading. English 3D is designed specifically to meet these students’ needs with peer interaction, exciting text, and regular assessment opportunities.

Student Experience

Engaging Content

Students explore their opinions on real-life topics through relevant and exciting content. The Issues book offers increasingly complex texts on topics that match student interests.

Increasing Complexity

Students experience mastery by progressing through texts that systematically increase in scope and complexity.

Peer Support

Students are regularly invited to work with peers for positive feedback, peer interaction, and support.

Language and Writing Portfolio

Students develop and apply their language skills in a variety of academic writing forms while scaffolds ensure every student feels supported.

Instructional Components
Issues Book

Issue-based informational and literary texts offer students the chance to respond to high-interest, relevant issues through academic discussions and writing tasks.

Language and Writing Portfolio

Daily writing tasks give students the chance to grow comfortable with the key elements, text structure, and transition words and phrases for six academic writing types.

Teaching Guide

A comprehensive instructional guide comprised of recursive routines, explicit instruction, assessment, differentiated support, and planning guides offers teachers everything they need to be successful.

Teacher Experience

Proficiency with high-leverage academic language

Students demonstrate high-leverage, portable academic language that includes vocabulary, syntax, and grammar.

Improved speaking and listening skills

Through daily opportunities for classroom discussions, peer collaboration, and formal speeches, students display improved speaking and listening skills.

Stronger academic writing skills

Students exhibit the academic writing skills needed to successfully write author summaries, opinions, informative texts, and research papers.

Active engagement with authentic texts

Students engage with authentic, increasingly complex informational literary texts relevant to their lives to form opinions, craft arguments, and practice academic writing.

Connections between coursework and college demands

Students make connections between their coursework and the demands of college and the workplace.


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