HMH Classcraft™ Research Evidence Base

At a glance

HMH Classcraft™ supports the craft of teaching by merging efficacious K–8 ELA and math content with consistent, seamless delivery of research-based, standards-aligned whole-class learning. Classcraft is designed to support passionate educators at all levels of experience. The pre-built, time- and stress-saving daily lessons allow teachers to focus on optimizing student experiences and administrators to be confident that the curriculum is being implemented with fidelity. 

Classcraft provides synchronous instruction with optional scripting and point-of-use teacher support that yields real-time assessment insight and ongoing feedback for in-class responsive remediation, transforming whole-class learning. The program makes appropriate, essential resources readily available, not only reducing teachers' planning time but also increasing students' targeted instruction. Classcraft also offers interactivity and peer-to-peer collaboration that boosts student engagement within a structured format. 

This document highlights the features of this innovative program while explicitly demonstrating the research upon which it is based.