Capture a full view of a young child’s skills

BDI-2 NU is an early childhood assessment that tests 5 global developmental domains and 13 subdomains, determining their strengths and needs in personal-social, adaptive, motor, communication, and cognitive skill sets. Test results can help determine a child’s readiness for school and need for special education services.

Screening test indicates a child’s readiness for school.

Meets Federal Requirements 

BDI-2 NU meets federal requirements for eligibility and aligns with all three Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) Early Childhood outcomes and Head Start Child™ outcomes.

Hands On

Child-friendly manipulatives and colorful test items keep children engaged.

Identifies Needs

Results from a Complete battery administration can help identify specific domain delays.

Five item books—one for each domain—allow for flexible administration.

Multiple Formats 

The complete battery includes multiple formats: structured play-based activities with manipulatives, observations in a child’s natural setting, and interviews with scripted questions.

Administered Quickly

A battery administration can be completed in 60 to 90 minutes, while the screener test can be administered in 10 to 30 minutes.


Accommodations and modifications are available for assessing infants and children with special needs or disabilities.

BDI-2 NU provides actionable data for immediate instruction and intervention.

Reporting Categories 

Responses are grouped into categories to track growth: mastered milestones, emerging milestones, and future learning objectives.

Test Sensitivity

Change-Sensitive Scores (CSS)—available in computer scoring options—measure subtle changes in ability over time.

Online Capabilities 

E-Kits offer a streamlined paperless solution so data collected offline can be stored for upload when an internet connection is available.

Battelle Developmental Inventory, Spanish Edition (BDI-2 Spanish)

BDI-2 Spanish makes it possible to screen, diagnose, and evaluate the early childhood development of non-English-proficient children. Designed for use by a bilingual examiner or an English-speaking examiner and a Spanish-speaking colleague, the assessment marks the mastery of critical skills or behaviors of typically developing children. The kit includes all the BDI-2 manipulatives, Spanish presentation cards, and workbook pages needed to administer the test.

Increased student achievement

Test results allow educators to track progress based on OSEP (Office of Special Education Programs) outcomes and tailor instruction to support students’ needs.

More accurate visibility of growth

BDI-2 NU has Change-Sensitive Scores (CSS), which measure subtle changes in a child’s ability over time.

Discovery of developmental Delays

As a norm-referenced assessment, BDI-2 NU guides the determination of developmental delays or eligibility for special services.