English 3D Overview


Developed with Dr. Kate Kinsella, the nation's leading scholar on the instruction and achievement of secondary English learners, English 3D is a new English language development program designed to ensure proficiency in the academic vocabulary, speaking, listening, and writing vital to success in school and life.

Now available in 3 courses:

  • NEW! Course A for students in Grades 4-5
  • NEW! Course B for students in Grades 6–8
  • Course C for students in Grades 9-12

English 3D will ensure all students are on a path toward secondary school and college and career readiness by:

Teaching high-leverage, portable academic language, including vocabulary, syntax, and grammar. Engaging students with authentic, increasingly complex informational and literary texts that are relevant to students’ lives.
Improving speaking and listening skills through daily opportunities for class discussions, peer collaboration, and formal speeches. Making regular connections between coursework and the demands of college and the workplace.
Developing academic writing skills to successfully author summaries, opinions, informative texts, and research papers.

Daily Instruction in Academic Language, Writing, and Speaking & Listening