Proactive and Prepared

A series addressing the high-tech, high-touch future of education

With the many challenges facing today's educators, do you ever feel stuck in a cycle of reactively addressing issues as they arise?

Join industry thought leaders as they provide expert guidance to help you proactively plan for success in your classroom, while also addressing the very real needs and issues you’re facing today.

In this series, you can choose to attend any of the events live or register to receive the recording. You'll gain strategies that you can apply today, plus a certificate of completion for each completed session!

This series is intended for non-US-based educators.

Dr. Kylene Beers and Dr. Robert Probst
Creating Engaged and Critical Readers

Join Dr. Kylene Beers and Dr. Robert Probst as they share strategies for deepening engagement and encouraging close reading.

Feb 8th 8am ET/1pm GMT

Dr. Elena Izquierdo
The Science of Biliteracy

Join Dr. Elena Izquierdo as she examines cross-language connections and strategies for supporting literacy/biliteracy development for English learners.

Feb 9th 9 am ET/2pm GMT

Dr. Thomasenia Lott-Adams
Let's Talk Mathematics: Strategies to Support Active and Equitable Discourse in Mathematics

Join Dr. Thomasenia Lott-Adams in discussing the importance of developing math language and a variety of strategies to prepare students to communicate mathematically.

Feb 10th 9am ET/2pm GMT

Marjorie Frank
Integrating Science and Literacy in the Classroom

Join Marjorie Frank to learn how integrating science and literacy in the classroom helps students behave and think like real scientists and engineers.

Feb 16th 10am ET/3pm GMT

Dr. Julie Miles
Using Assessment Results to Optimize Decision Making

Join Dr. Julie Miles as she provides an overview of assessment types and how to use results to drive decisions and curriculum selection.

Feb 17th 8am ET/1pm GMT

Curious how HMH solutions connect to these topics?

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Drew Olczak
Using HMH Into Reading® to Support Close Reading & Biliteracy Development

Learn how close reading strategies provide English learners authentic opportunities to analyze, think critically, and have conversations about text.

Feb 22nd 8am ET/1pm GMT

Drew Olczak
Using HMH Into Literature® to Support Close Reading

Discover all the tools you’ll need to support students with close reading strategies, writing, grammar and much more.

Feb 22nd 9:30am ET/2:30pm GMT

Kamal Fakhreddine
Creating Scientists & Engineers with HMH Into Science®

Learn how an inquiry-based approach helps you develop scientists and engineers in your science classroom.

Feb 23rd 8am ET/1pm GMT

Carolyn Blackwell
Developing Math Discourse and Strategies with Math in Focus®

Learn about the tools and strategies that develop a mathematical mindset by getting hands-on with math.

Feb 23rd 9:30am ET/2:30pm GMT

Muhammad Jeenah
Developing Math Discourse and Strategies with HMH Into Math

Learn how developing productive perseverance sparks their learning and develops a positive math mindset.

Feb 24th 8am ET/1pm GMT

Jason Luebke
Data-Driven Decision Making with HMH Assessments

Discover a suite of assessments and tools that make data driven decision making easier and more valuable than ever.

Feb 24th 9:30am ET/2:30pm GMT