Creating Scientists & Engineers with Into Science

60 Minutes

In Science, we want Hands On, Minds On! The inquiry-based approach in HMH Into Science helps you develop Scientists and Engineers in your Science classroom.

About the Presenter:

As a former teacher, Kamal Fakhreddine is an experienced educator and trainer who believes that education is the passport to the future. He spent nine years in the classroom teaching science and business in UAE-Dubai. He also delivered professional development programmes and various seminars for teachers on sciences and how to successfully integrate technology into their teaching practice. Now, as a Global Solutions Specialist with HMH, Kamal focuses on supporting school leaders and teachers with rigor and adaptability of quality learning resources and digital technologies to help students develop and achieve academic excellence. His travels have afforded him the opportunity to work with students, teachers, and administrators from more than 25 countries around the world.

This series is intended for non US-based educators.