Optimize your Program Implementation with the Help of Technology Experts

HMH® has a team of highly skilled Technical Specialists committed to helping your school or district create a seamless integration of technology using your HMH programs. From providing consultation on industry best practices for technology implementations, to helping your district drive efficiency in your current environment, HMH Technical Specialists are ready to collaborate with you to drive success.

HMH will help your school or district leverage technology to support the learning experience and help students excel. Here’s how we will work together:

1.    Start with Proactive Planning.

To create the right environment for your technology, HMH technical services can help you evaluate your current state by conducting a Technical Audit, where we can identify gaps and strategies to close them, and help build a plan that works for you which includes rostering, single-sign on and hosting solutions.

2.     Enhance best practices.

Using knowledge of your unique environment, we will work with you to leverage best practices, prevent incidents, and optimize the learning experience by creating a more predictable and stable technical environment. 

3.     Collaborate for success.

 A technical services manager acts as a single point of contact for your team who can work with the technical experts who understand your environment and challenges. The technical services manager is an experienced technical expert who understands an experienced technical expert.

 4.     Build capacity for the long term.

 By providing access to data reporting and analytics, you can drive strategic decisions about your technology to ensure success in the long term.  We can help you to determine how to increase fidelity of the implementation of program technology.