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A Solid Foundation for Future Math and STEM Careers

Prepare students for the journey beyond Algebra 2 with the tools they need to think critically and the rigor they need to grow.

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Time-Tested, Quality Content

The HMH and Wiley partnership offers high schools top titles in AP, honors, and elective programs, developed by nationally recognized thought leaders and educators. Aid each student’s journey across all math subjects with an integrated set of solutions.

Engaged Students =

Successful Students

Engaged students learn more, which is why each of our advanced and elective math programs includes resources and features that challenge students to succeed on AP exams and prepare them for college and careers.

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Support and Resources 

for Every Teacher

Online teacher materials are available for all advanced mathematics courses, integrating materials such as instructional tips, test banks, class presentations, and more so that every teacher can successfully unlock students’ potential to step up to college-level work.

Explore Our AP & Electives Math Programs

Learn how our programs increase student comprehension and conceptual understanding in advanced-level math work.


Precalculus, Young

Young’s Precalculus prepares students for Calculus and incorporates features that help bridge the gap between classroom lessons and homework by mirroring the teacher’s voice outside the classroom.

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Functions Modeling Change: A Preparation for Calculus, Connally

Connally’s Functions Modeling Change: A Preparation for Calculus builds a solid mathematical foundation and prepares students for Calculus.

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Statistics: Unlocking the Power of Data, Lock

Designed for introductory statistics, Statistics: Unlocking the Power of Data by Lock focuses on data analysis with real-world applications. Students use simulation methods to effectively collect, analyze, and interpret data to draw conclusions.

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Precalculus WF1631350

Introduction to Personal Finance, Grable and Palmer

Introduction to Personal Finance by Grable and Palmer prepares students to succeed in college-level courses and in life. Explore the content developed by professors of financial planning John Grable and Lance Palmer and see how it gives students the money smarts they need to gain full control of their future.

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Advanced Math

College Algebra WF1631350

College Algebra, Young

Cynthia Young’s College Algebra is an intuitive, supportive program for students that does not sacrifice the rigor needed for true conceptual understanding and preparation for more advanced math courses.

  • Robust teaching and learning package with numerous digital resources in the WileyPLUS Digital Learning Environment
  • Immediate insight into strengths and problem areas through a combination of dynamic course materials and visual reports in WileyPLUS
  • "Modeling Our World" projects engage students by using real-world data to model mathematical applications found in everyday life

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Trigonometry WF1631350

Trigonometry, Young

Trigonometry by Cynthia Young helps bridge the gap between classroom lessons and homework by mirroring the instructor’s voice outside the classroom through digital resources and learning activities. These materials take the guesswork out of studying by offering students an easy-to-read and clear roadmap that tells them what to do, how to do it, and whether they did it right.

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Algebra and Trigonometry, Young

Algebra & Trigonometry combines College Algebra and Trigonometry to address skills and concepts from both courses. As with all Young programs, this program focuses on mirroring the teacher’s voice outside the classroom so students can become independent learners.

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Applied Calculus, Hughes-Hallett et al.

Applied Calculus by Hughes-Hallett et al. introduces the basic theory and applications of differential and integral calculus. Students will learn the ideas and applications of calculus in preparation for more rigorous calculus courses.

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Advanced Placement®

WF1577750 Anton Calculus

Calculus, AP® Edition, Anton and Bivens

Calculus, AP Edition by Anton and Bivens strives to increase student comprehension and conceptual understanding through a balance of rigor and clarity of explanations, sound mathematics, and excellent exercises, applications, and examples.

  • Rated best AP Calculus book on
  • Authored by Steven Davis, Chief Reader for the AP Exam

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WF1577750 Hughes Hallett Calculus

Calculus, AP® Edition, Hughes-Hallett, et al.

Calculus, AP® Edition, by Hughes-Hallett, Gleason, McCallum, et al., promotes an approach in which understanding and computation reinforce each other. This edition reflects the many voices of AP teachers and faculty at research universities and colleges.

  • The authors are members of the Harvard Calculus Consortium, the group credited with pioneering the “Rule of Four.”
  • Deborah Hughes-Hallett won the American Mathematical Society’s 2022 Award for Impact on Teaching and Learning of Mathematics.

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WF1577750 Tintle Intro Stats

Introduction to Statistical Investigations, AP® Edition, Tintle, Carver, et al.

Introduction to Statistical Investigations by Tintle, Carver, et al. is the first AP Statistics program designed from the ground up to follow the GAISE recommendations endorsed by the American Statistical Association®.

  • Introduces a spiral approach to teaching Statistics
  • Named the most promising new textbook by the Mathematical Association of America when it premiered

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Mathematics as Students See It: Checking the Box vs. Meaningful Experience

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