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Giving students a head start on college-level course work
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Unlock students’ potential to step up

Broad access to carefully curated HMH Advanced Placement® & Electives titles dramatically impacts students’ ability to thrive in college and beyond. HMH Advanced Placement & Electives provides personalized supports within proven content and instruction to deepen every student’s understanding of critical concepts and their real-world applications. Together, we can create a culture where AP® level success is celebrated by educators, students, and families alike.

A Pathway to Success

Our new partnership with John Wiley & Sons College Division exemplifies our commitment to ensuring an equitable path to success for students across all grade levels, subject areas, and proficiency levels. Wiley’s proven resources for Advanced Placement, honors, and elective courses in high school enable us to unlock students’ potential to step up to—and succeed with—college-level work.

Proven Content

Excite and challenge students with time-tested content and innovative pedagogy delivered by nationally known classroom and research thought leaders.

Equal Access

Combine clear, authoritative text with engaging illustrations, examples, and purposeful student activities to accommodate different learning styles.

Purposeful Technology

Enhance classroom instruction with interactive graphs, simulations, animations, videos, and assessment tools that measure each student's progress in real time.

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A Complete Digital Experience

WileyPLUS™ is a digital learning environment that includes the complete contents of the student textbook with interactive resources and real-time assessments embedded throughout.

Flexible Support for Teachers

AP equity means full support for educators too. Enhance your practice with foundational skill building that really works for high school students, real-time assessment tools for course correcting, and integration support and training.

Set every student on a path to college success.

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Our Solutions
Quality college-level courses across subject areas

We offer students a wide variety of options to pursue after completing Algebra 2, including Trigonometry, Precalculus, AP Calculus, AP Statistics, and more.


Our Science solutions deliver hands-on explorations that bring out the scientist in every student. Courses include Anatomy & Physiology, AP Environmental Science, AP Chemistry, and AP Physics.

Social Studies
Social Studies

From Geography to Economics and Psychology, our Social Studies solutions encourage students to discover how various people, places, cultures, and concepts intertwine to create the world we live in.

Career & Tech
Career & Tech

These programs explore current, real-world concepts and skills that students will need to pursue careers in their chosen fields.

Business & Accounting
Business & Accounting

Covering personal and business financial management, our Accounting and Business solutions provide a clear introduction to fundamental accounting, finance, and business principles with lessons that demonstrate relevance.

Computer Science
Computer Science

Offering an in-depth look at Java® and Python®, our Computer Science courses introduce fundamental programming techniques, develop necessary design skills, and support students in becoming confident coders.

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