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Teacher and student in classroom at whiteboard

Understanding the Benefits of Personalized Learning

Learn more about the benefits of personalized learning to help guide you when implementing it in your classroom.

Teachers in America Briana Morales

Podcast: Helping Students Heal Through Writing with Briana Morales

2024 Illinois State Teach of the Year Briana Morales shares how she uses healing-centered engagement and storytelling to empower her students. Plus she shares writing activities to engage students in identity work and how to start a classroom dignity closet to help students in need.

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Superintendent of the Year Joe Gothard

Superintendent of the Year Joe Gothard talked with HMH about the achievement he's most proud of, the lessons he has learned from the implementation of new reading and math programs in Saint Paul, and his advice for fellow school leaders.

Brenda Iasevoli
Shaped Executive Editor

WF1953389 Hero

Leadership coaching for principals serves as a catalyst for personal and professional growth. Explore what leadership coaching is and what some of the benefits are for your school and district.

Dr. Jessica Huizenga
Associate Partner, The Center for Model Schools

instructional coach in a room of teachers

There are several different coaching models in education. Learn about a few that are commonly used in school districts and explore what model might be a good fit for your school or district.

Zoe Del Mar
Shaped Executive Editor

teacher watches student work out math problem

Hear from educators about a new approach to intervention that’s raising student achievement in the Wayne-Westland Community School District, outside Detroit.

Christine Condon
Shaped Editor-in-Chief

Brenda Iasevoli
Shaped Executive Editor

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Learn more about creating an inclusive professional learning environment and how to encourage belonging in school communities.

Ebony Tyler
LEAD Connected Manager

Lynn Walters
Director of Product Management & Strategy for Professional Services, HMH

Dr. Meg Pavlovich

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