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7 Women's History Month Bulletin Board Ideas: Celebrating Herstory

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Womens History Month Bulletin Boards

Each year, we celebrate the achievements of women during Women's History Month in March to honor their contributions to society and examine the remarkable impacts they have had throughout history.

Whether you want to explore women in history such as Rosa Parks or Eleanor Roosevelt, or more modern examples such as Oprah Winfrey or Jane Goodall, decorating your classroom to showcase those who left a footprint on the world can be a good starting point. For inspiration, check out the Women's History Month bulletin board ideas below, created by teachers nationwide and gathered on social media.


This school uses photographs, inspirational quotes, and biographical descriptions to shed light on important female figures in history. Books and informational flyers are also available for students—a valuable supplement!


Showcasing women past and present—from Maya Angelou to Ellen DeGeneres—can demonstrate to students how persistence has resulted in valuable change, even as society has evolved over time.


If you teach a certain subject, you may want to highlight those women who made important contributions to that specific field. Below, check out this colorful bulletin board specifically exploring women in science, technology, engineering, and math, or STEM.


A collage or collection of photos can capture your students' attention. How many of these significant women in history can your students identify?


Purple represents justice and dignity for women, so consider incorporating this color—along with green and white—into your classroom display.


This teacher got pretty tech-savvy by requiring viewers to scan QR codes to read more about each featured woman in history, along with having them dive into their accomplishments by completing a Women's History Month scavenger hunt.


Here's another good example of keeping a bulletin board discipline-focused. It showcases women in history whom your students probably know little to nothing about!


This bulletin board has it all: quotes from significant women in history, QR codes to learn more about their achievements, photographs, and even student work!

More Women's History Month Bulletin Board Ideas?

We hope these Women's History Month bulletin boards are helpful as you celebrate in your school in March! Have your own ideas that you want to share? Tweet us @HMHCo or email us at


For more ways to celebrate Women's History Month, check out:

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