Honoring Famous African American Scientists Who Impacted the World

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Famous Black Scientists

Whether during Black History Month or year round, you can celebrate the achievements of African Americans in your classroom. When it comes to science, African Americans have made significant contributions—whether in engineering, physics, aeronautics, or other fields.

Many Black scientists have left enormous legacies, presenting an opportunity to teach your students about individuals who have changed the course of history through innovation while also exploring the field of science more broadly.

Famous Black Scientists

Download these posters to distribute to your students or hang in your classroom and celebrate five famous Black scientists, many of whom are still alive today. The individuals highlighted in these downloadables include:

  • Dr. Marshall Shepherd, meteorologist and climatologist
  • Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson, physicist
  • Dr. Ayanna Howard, robot engineer
  • Dr. Beth A. Brown, astrophysicist
  • Dr. Christine Darden, aerospace engineer


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