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Laurens 55, South Carolina: A Data-Driven Success Story

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The Partnership That Drove Student Achievement

Laurens County School District 55 (or Laurens 55), a rural district made up of nine Title 1 schools in South Carolina faced a challenge: With many students below-grade level, district leaders needed a curriculum that spanned grades and helped all children reach their potential. Laurens 55 partnered with HMH to implement its curriculum, supplemental, and assessment solutions. Watch the video below to learn more about the district’s powerful partnership with HMH.

Laurens 55 Literacy Educators Share Their Perspectives

The results in literacy exceeded educators’ expectations district-wide. Looking across the 2022–23 school year, students in the district scoring on level or above in reading grew from 19% to 28%. ELA educators and students in the district love the range of resources that HMH literacy programs provide, such as the Notice & Note strategies, engaging and relatable texts, and high-quality assessments.

Waterloo Elementary School Raises Report Card Score from Average to Excellent

Waterloo Elementary School, in particular, experienced tremendous literacy growth in 2022–23, with the percentage of students reading at grade level or even higher increasing from 18% to 52%. Learn more about the experiences of this school’s students and educators.


Read more about Laurens 55’s success story in the case study below.


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