Introducing the Teachers of Beastie Hall: Next Stop, Mr. Seemore’s Sight Words Classroom

Next Stop Mr Seemores Sight Words Classroom Thumb

Mr. Seemore has three eyes to help him easily spot high-frequency sight words like the, and, is, are, he, and she.

In order to read with fluency, children must gain automaticity in these areas:

  • High-utility words
  • Grammatical “glue” words that hold the English language together
  • High-frequency words that must be instantly recognized to enable reading fluency
  • Irregularly spelled words that do not follow a regular spelling pattern

By using such techniques as “see it, say it, spell it,” the Sight Word Classroom helps children develop the ability to recognize these words accurately and quickly from memory. Visual learning techniques also help children learn the irregular words that are not easily decodable when they encounter them.

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In addition to this explicit instruction, children will enjoy a variety of memory games in the Sight Words Classroom to help with the acquisition of these important words.

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