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Grades 3-5 Remote Learning Summer Science Activities: Up in the Sky

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Welcome! We’ve provided a variety of learning activities to engage your child in scientific exploration of objects Up in the Sky. So, let’s begin!

Exploring Up in the Sky with Labs and Activities

How Does a Shadow Grow?

Students create a type of sundial and use it to record data about how shadows change throughout the day. This activity takes one day, and students should take measurements throughout the day.

Read About Things Up in the Sky!

Catch the Sun

Read about how solar energy powers homes, cars, and even satellites and rovers!

Planet Data

Read about how scientists measure earthquakes, the ocean floor, the distance to other planets from Earth, and more.

Becoming an Astronaut

What does it take to become an astronaut? Read to find out!

Will it Rain?

Meteorologists today have a much better understanding of weather, so they can make more accurate forecasts. Read about the tools and resources meteorologists use to make weather reports.

Extreme Weather

Read about what causes weather and the different types of weather.

Talk about what you learned about things Up in the Sky this week with your friends and family!

Keeping Up with COVID-19

To keep current with the science behind the COVID-19 virus, check out "Stopping the Spread of Infectious Disease: A Lab Activity Approach." You’ll find age-appropriate activities for your child to learn about stopping the spread of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases.

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