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Grades 1–2 Summer Reading Activities: Family Time

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Caregiver Corner

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Welcome to Family Time! We’ll provide five days of reading and learning activities designed to engage your child in an exploration of family and spending time together.

Reading Monday

It’s Monday, so let’s read about family members!

This Is My Family

Jen has a father, a mother, a grandfather, a grandmother, and a sister. Do you want to meet them?

Discuss the book: What does Jen’s grandfather do? What does Jen’s sister do? Who is in your family?

Media Tuesday

It’s Tuesday, so let’s watch a video!

Training Wheels

Watch the video Training Wheels to see how a girl learns to ride her bike with a lot of practice and help from her dad.

Discuss the video: What does Dad do to the bike on Day 1? What happened when the girl didn’t want to ride her bike on Day 3? What is something that you want to practice?

Writing Wednesday

It’s Wednesday, so let’s write!

Make a Family Book

Fold paper to make a book, and ask an adult to help you staple it. Write and draw about your family, using This Is My Family as a guide.

More to Read!

For more reading about pets as family members, download Saving Scruffy.

Research Thursday

It’s Thursday, so let’s research family words!

Words About Families

  • Reread This Is My Family to find these words: mother, father, grandfather, grandmother, and sister.
  • How does Jen use these words in sentences? Use them in sentences of your own.
  • Find these words in other books or or websites.

Project Friday

It’s Friday, so let’s create!

Make a Family Picture

Draw a picture of your family and label it. Use Jen’s picture on page 16 of This Is My Family as a model.

Talk about what you learned about Family Time this week with your friends and family!

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