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Garden in an Egg Carton: Science Activity for Grades K–5

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Looking to teach your students about plants? Have them complete this activity—which can also be done from home—where they will plant seedlings and watch them grow.

Start off by asking students what a seed would need to grow in an egg carton and see what they come up with. When it comes time to actually start planting, the students will determine how much soil to put in each section and eggshell and explain why they chose that amount. Each student will then take a seed, plant it in the soil, and care for the plant, including watering it on a daily basis. Students can track the growth of the plant in a chart and ultimately compare their findings.

This activity is appropriate for students in Grades K–5. Download the full instructions here.


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This blog, originally published in 2020, has been updated for 2023.

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