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Free Graphic Organizers for Reading Comprehension

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When you're teaching literacy or English language arts at any grade level, it may be helpful for students if they have a simple way to visually organize their thoughts about the literature. Breaking an argument down into supporting facts and counterarguments, or looking at the advantages and disadvantages of a certain concept are two of countless examples of when this approach may be helpful.

Reading Comprehension Graphic Organizers

Try these graphic organizers for reading comprehension. The free downloadable PDFs below are designed specifically for middle and high school students.

For Grades K–6, check out these reading comprehension graphic organizers. The following anchor charts are scaffolded and can help students better understand topics such as research and citing sources, word gaps, contrasts and contradictions, and many more. You can also dive into social and emotional learning! Feel free to hang these in your classroom or distribute them to your students.


Explore HMH literacy solutions with these digital samples of HMH Into Reading and HMH Into Literature.

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