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Join Our Team of HMH Teacher Contributors

The HMH Teacher Contributor Group

HMH Teacher Contributors are creative and passionate about using HMH programs. They are experts in their discipline and are dedicated to learning from and supporting fellow educators.

Our members are considered essential partners who work alongside instructional designers, community managers, and product developers, as Teacher Ambassadors, Content Contributors, or Community Uplifters. If you enjoy showing others how you are implementing an HMH program in your classroom, keep reading!

Why Join Our Group?

In addition to sharing tips on how to implement programs and working with the Teacher’s Corner team to develop resources, becoming a Teacher Contributor has really great perks.

Grow Skills

Grow your leadership skills while partnering with industry experts and expanding your professional network.

Get Sneak Peeks

Get a first look at new program features and platform updates, and provide your feedback on how we can improve them.

Gain Recognition

Hone your expertise in delivering live professional learning that will advance your career withinin your school or district.

Being a Teacher Ambassador has changed the way I see my path as a teacher. Before, I had only seen myself as somebody who wanted to help children grow. Now, I'm so fulfilled with helping other teachers that I have more of an interest in leadership.

Amber Reyes

2nd Grade Teacher, CO

Three Ways to Get Involved

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Teacher Ambassador

Teacher Ambassadors have at least two years of proven success implementing HMH programs. They participate in product development, present at conferences, and promote innovative teaching in and outside of the Teacher's Corner community.


Content Contributors

Content Contributors can be new to using HMH solutions or have years of experience. They’re always thinking about new resources to support teachers and their instruction. They work with the HMH Community team to bring their ideas to fruition.


Community Uplifter

Community Uplifters are members of the HMH Teacher’s Corner Facebook Community. They engage with social posts, spread the word about new features on Ed and live events, and use Community resources to present at faculty or district meetings.

See How HMH Teacher Contributors Support Colleagues

Share Your Expertise: Discover all the ways that you can support fellow educators by becoming an HMH Teacher Contributor.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What happens after I request a spot?

    When you request a spot, you will be connected to the HMH Community Engagement team, who will get to know you and your teaching process. If selected, you will be invited to a bi-quarterly informational meeting. There, you’ll learn about the program and the various ways that you can get involved with a nationwide network of exceptional teachers.

  • What does a Teacher Ambassador do?

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    Teacher Ambassadors have at least two years of proven success implementing HMH programs and high-yielding instructional routines. They participate as contributors on the Ed platform, and promote innovative teaching in and outside of the Teacher’s Corner Community.

    Here are some examples of what Teacher Ambassadors do:

    • Participate in development projects with HMH Product Development teams
    • Present at Teacher’s Corner virtual conferences
    • Present at a national conference, such as the International Literacy Association (ILA)
    • Attend the Model Schools Conference
    • Share their expertise in tutorial videos and blogs
  • What does a Content Contributor do?

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    Content Contributors navigate the Ed platform with ease, and are called on to share their expertise with fellow educators who may have questions about an HMH program.

    Here are some examples of what Content Contributors do:

    • Answer questions in the HMH Facebook Community
    • Contribute program-support resources for Teacher’s Corner on Ed
    • Share their lesson plans and My Stuff lessons
    • Post artifacts and program tips in the Teacher's Corner Community and on Ed
    • Facilitate Teacher Success Pathway sessions, such as Back-to-School or Model Lessons
  • What does a Community Uplifter do?

    Community Uplifter badge WF1793800

    Community Uplifters are members of the Teacher’s Corner Facebook Group who engage with members and share feedback with the HMH Facebook Community team.

    Here are some examples of what Community Uplifters do:

    • Respond to Facebook posts and answer members’ questions
    • Share member feedback with the HMH Facebook Community team
    • Spread the word about new features on Ed and during live events
    • Present at faculty or district meetings using resources that HMH provides
  • Can I get more information on the ways teachers can engage that are highlighted in the video above?

    • Classroom Filming: Video shoots are the foundation of our authentic classroom content. We are always on the lookout for teachers, schools, and districts to partner with.
    • Live Events: These events are central to how our community learns together. When Teacher Contributors lead these events, they resonate profoundly with audiences.
    • National Conferences: Conferences are opportunities for Teacher Contributors to collaborate with HMH experts and reach wide audiences.
    • Original Content: Contributors are encouraged to pitch ideas for creating and sharing relevant content in almost any form.
    • Classroom Tours: Teachers share how they organize program materials in their classrooms, showcase personality and themes, build classroom culture, and develop student agency.
    • Lesson Tips: Teachers share bite-size content or insights about an HMH program that can be recorded and shared as a blog.
    • Community Sharing: This is what happens organically when you’re part of the Teacher’s Corner from HMH Facebook group.
    • Freestyle: Our teachers have a wide range of talents. Whether you spit rhymes or carve chess pieces, we want to check it out.
  • Have additional questions about the Teacher Contributor Group?

    If you have additional questions for us about the HMH Teacher Contributor Group, please reach out to the Community Engagement Team. You can email them at

Ready to share your expertise?

Meet Members of Our Team

Toney Jackson

Toney Jackson

Fourth-Grade Teacher
New Jersey

Abbey Behnke

Abbey Behnke

Curriculum Integrator

Stephanie Ott

Stephanie Ott

Kindergarten Teacher

Renae Kuhn

Renae Kuhn

First-Grade Teacher

Kayla Dyer

Kayla Dyer

Fourth-Grade Teacher
Rhode Island

Edme Hernandez

Edme Hernandez

First-Grade Teacher

Autumn Dvorak

Autumn Dvorak

Third-Grade Teacher

Jami Walden

Jami Walden

Instructional Coach

Amber Reyes

Amber Reyes

First/Second Grade Teacher

Kyle Schwartz

Kyle Schwartz


Josh Hawkins

Joshua Hawkins

Second-Grade Teacher

Latonia Grant

Latonia Grant

Third-Grade Teacher

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