55 Minutes

Using the WJ IV to Diagnose Specific Reading Disabilities

Dr. Nancy Mather

Join us for Using the WJ IV to Diagnose Specific Reading Disabilities, an exciting exploration of the Woodcock-Johnson® IV and its unique ability to assist in the identification of dyslexia. Led by WJ IV® co-author and dyslexia expert, Nancy Mather, Ph.D., this webinar will include an overview of the primary and secondary reading and writing difficulties associated with dyslexia, followed by a discussion of the most relevant WJ IV tests and clusters for this type of evaluation. Dr. Mather will also discuss how the identification of specific cognitive processing deficits can contribute to an accurate diagnosis of dyslexia, and how the WJ IV comparison and discrepancy procedures can help document specific weaknesses, as well as the intact abilities (strengths) where reading and spelling are not required.