Coaching to Create a Culture of Belonging

Lynn Walters
Ebony Tyler
Dr. Meg Pavlovich

About the Webinar

Belonging is associated with joy and human flourishing. Yes, please, more of that! Creating communities of practice where everyone has a sense of belonging is essential as we strive toward humanizing practices that cultivate joy and inclusivity.

View as we share the power of developing a sense of belonging through coaching. Learn how to build a community of practice that fosters inclusion, connection, and growth with meaningful tips and practical steps for passionate educators. We examine research-supported coaching practices that lead to a sense of belonging for leaders, teachers, and students.

In this edWebinar, viewers:

  • Explore best practices for implementing inclusive communities of practice that create a sense of belonging
  • Identify concrete measures to cultivate meaningful connections that foster growth
  • Learn how effective coaching can elevate your community of practice and lead to students flourishing

This recorded edWebinar is of interest to K-12 teachers, school and district leaders, and district curriculum coordinators.

About the Presenters

As Senior Vice President of Professional Services at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Lynn Walters leads an amazing set of educators who are passionate and committed to teaching and learning. Her team works side by side teachers and administrators across the country, listening, collaborating, and modeling effective instructional practices. Lynn embodies the mantra, “People Matter.” Through her leadership, she fosters a growth culture where people can connect, grow, learn, and take risks in a safe, supportive environment. She emphasizes that every voice should be heard, and every idea is an opportunity forward. As a partner in education, Lynn is passionate and focused on positive learning outcomes and equity for both educators and students. She has deep knowledge of the K-12 education space and is an experienced school psychologist who loves to roll up her sleeves with administrators to tackle topics such as school improvement, intervention, school climate and culture.

Ebony Tyler is a dedicated educator, coach, administrator, advocate and lifelong learner. She has been committed to advancing the learning of others for nearly 20 years. Ebony’s experience includes advisor, teacher, coach, professor, administrator, and now LEAD connected manager. The variety of responsibilities and roles she has held have taught her that flexibility and curiosity are entries to new opportunity. Ebony has a passion for innovation and problem solving, and truly loves the opportunity to support hard-working educators in service of students. She is a passionate advocate driven by the idea that every student, regardless of pedigree, geography, or race, has the right to learn and thrive.

Dr. Meaghan Pavlovich is a director at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, where she supports the strategy for professional learning. Dr. Pavlovich also works with preservice teachers at the University of Kansas. Before coming to Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, she was an elementary classroom teacher for 10 years. Dr. Pavlovich completed her doctorate in elementary math curriculum and instruction in 2019, which focused on understanding the mathematical identity of teachers as a means to more equitable practices in mathematics.