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Journeys: Impact Study, Grades 2 and 5

At a glance

  • Demonstrates a Rationale
  • Program: Journeys
  • Subject: Literacy Curriculum
  • Report Type: Efficacy Study, Study Conducted by Third Party
  • Grade Level: Elementary
  • Region: Midwest, Northeast, Southeast, Southwest
  • District Urbanicity: Urban, Suburban, Rural
  • Participants: N=1,300
  • Implementation: 25+ minutes per day, 5 days per week
  • Evaluation Period: 2014–2015
  • Study Conducted by: Education Research Institute of America (ERIA)

Education Research Institute of America (ERIA) conducted a pretest-posttest study of HMH Journeys Common Core (2014) during the 2014–2015 school year. This study included 1,300 students enrolled in Grades 2 and 5 and 64 teachers from 21 different schools across 4 states. The pretest and posttest were developed to reflect the content of Journeys and the Common Core State Standards. The results indicate that reading achievement growth was statistically significant in both Grades 2 and 5. In addition, both higher- and lower-ability students demonstrated statistically significant growth.