Read 180: Research Evidence Base

At a glance

National data show the negative impact that the prolonged pandemic and disrupted schooling had on students’ reading scores and the need for accelerating students’ reading ability now more than ever. The cost of not learning to read is huge not only on students’ academic performance and future trajectory but also on their social and emotional well-being. The downward spiral from enthusiastic young learner to semi-literate adolescent suggests that students are receiving neither adequate classroom instruction (Tier 1) nor appropriate intervention support (Tier 2 or 3).

The Read 180 Evidence Base document highlights the foundational research supporting Read 180, a comprehensive literacy intervention solution for Tier 2 and 3 designed for striving readers in Grades 3 to 12. The Read 180 Evidence Base provides an overview of the different reading frameworks guiding evidence-based literacy instruction, a description of each of the literacy components (e.g., phonological awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, background knowledge, and writing), and how the Read 180 program aligns with the research to meet the needs of all students.