Measurements to move toward academic mastery
See how the Iowa Assessments can help students.

Track growth in student performance over time for individuals and groups.

Determine college and career readiness with comparisons to established benchmarks.

Find out the degree to which students have mastered core learning standards.

Discover students who may benefit from intervention or bigger challenges.

Our proven assessment

The Iowa Assessments now have Forms E, F, and G, which are equivalent and built to the same content specifications. They provide comparable interpretations and the same detailed reports at skill and item level, so educators receive ideal support for pre- and post-testing models.

Information to track goals

Measuring Growth
The Iowa Assessments are built on a continuous vertical scale, Kindergarten to Grade 12.

High-Stakes Predictiveness 
Reporting shows tracking towards postsecondary education and predicts SAT®/ACT® as early as Grade 6.

Alignment to Targets 
Cognitive difficulty of items are tagged to one of three different levels, and content is aligned to next-generation standards. 

Options support flexibility

Mode of Administration
Choose from paper-pencil or online testing

Choose the Complete Battery for the broadest range of skills, or the Core or Survey Batteries to save time. 

Multiple Configurations
New choices enable you to pair administrations during the year. 


With its efficient design and powerful reporting, the Iowa Assessments provide the tests educators need in the mode that works best for their district. See the breadth and content of the assessment forms in the detailed Scope and Sequences.

Expected Results
Targeted instruction

Individual student data lets educators know who may require intervention programs or advanced courses. Identified weaknesses can help explain learning difficulties and inform teaching, while recognizing strengths can be a starting point for building additional student skills.

Measured growth

Growth data can help educators plan district-wide instruction and implement swift curriculum changes. Student test results help determine the degree to which students have mastered core learning standards.

Evaluated programs

Test outcomes can guide administrative evaluation of the effectiveness of instructional programs, staff development, and curriculum.

Predicted future outcomes

Current assessment results can be applied to project student performance on future assessments so educators can adjust programs accordingly.

Supported accountability

Test results will provide educators with reliable, valid data to support district and state reporting requirements.

Student performance can be compared to the results of local, state, and national groups according to research-based evidence.

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