A Vision for Student Growth

Imagine a math classroom filled with students who are ready to tackle any problem, supported by a teacher who has the tools and instructional techniques needed to ensure success. HMH Into Math uses an approach focused on a growth mindset for students and real feedback from teachers to drive growth for each and every learner.

Explore what makes the HMH Into Math experience the comprehensive, total solution needed to accelerate growth and make students unstoppable in the classroom.

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Into AGA

This comprehensive mathematics learning solution for grades 9–12 was built to accelerate growth for all students while preparing them for higher mathematics and beyond.

Meet Ed: Your Friend in Learning

This teaching and learning system combines technology, content, and instruction to provide a personalized experience with HMH® programs.

Student Experience

HMH Into Math delivers a learning experience that keeps students engaged in mathematics. The skills students build with HMH Into Math push them to grow in their mathematical thinking and practice. Resources in the solution are designed to ensure accessibility and achievement for all.

Mindset Tasks Foster Growth

We are enthusiastic learners from the start—estimating and quantifying from a young age. But then something happens. Research shows that as students reach elementary school, middle school, high school, and beyond, many begin to lose their enthusiasm for mathematics and some even develop a fear of it—HMH Into Math changes that with embedded mindset tasks that emphasize effort in learning and reignite a sense of curiosity in mathematics.

Teacher Experience

Using teacher feedback and expert research, HMH Into Math was designed with teachers and their students front of mind. The flexible support and customizable professional development opportunities make maximizing instruction an easier, more achievable task.

Purposeful Questions Advance Reasoning Skills

Teachers use leveled questions to stretch student thinking and get them talking about mathematics. Guided discussion questions offer opportunities for teachers to help students work through challenges to build understanding.

Assessments Drive Growth

See the impact that HMH Into Math’s embedded assessments make on students and teachers in their growth journey. With digital and print working seamlessly together, in-depth assessment is presented with ease and accessibility. Comprehensive assessment is available to better understand and accelerate student growth. Teachers have the ability to customize their assessments in both English and Spanish.

Blended Professional Learning Support

HMH Into Math combines data-driven powerful insights and unparalleled point-of-use professional support with invaluable content to create a transformative learning experience for students. With blended professional learning, teachers and leaders benefit from anytime, anywhere online and in-person coaching, courses, consulting, and collaboration that help them stay on top of their game.

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