Foundational Teacher Training Portfolio
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Our mission is to advance yours.

The Foundational Teacher Training Portfolio provides professional support for global markets.

Embedded support from trusted names like ICLE enables you to embark on successful school transformation initiatives while targeted, personalized, and comprehensive solutions support you in building your staff’s capacity to provide rigorous learning opportunities that advance every student.

Together, we’re re-imagining professional support.

Our Courses

The Foundational Teacher Training Portfolio consists of five courses. Each course can be delivered as either one full-day in-person session, or as three two-hour live webinars.

Fundamental Teacher Preparation and Planning

Discover strategies for planning and preparing engaging learning experiences for each student.

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Elements of an Effective Lesson

Gain an understanding of how to organize instruction to maximize student learning.

Rigor, Relevance, and Relationships

Explore innovative strategies for strengthening relationships, enhancing engagement, and creating an effective learning environment.

Routines, Procedures, and Strategies

Explore specific routines, procedures, and strategies for effectively preparing engaging learning experiences for your students.

Classroom Management: Building Relationships

Explore innovative strategies for strengthening relationships, enhancing engagement, and creating an effective learning environment.

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Building Positive Relationships

Discover the impact that relationships have on student learning and classroom behaviors.

Strengthening Relationships for Rigorous Learning

Explore innovative strategies for strengthening relationships, enhancing engagement, and creating an effective learning environment.

Effective Environment for Positive Relationships

Explore strategies for increasing engagement, building relationships, and creating an environment for rigorous learning.

Formative Assessment

Explore how to most effectively use assessments to inform your instruction. From strategies for creating impactful assessments to ideas for delivering feedback that inspires growth, discover how to get the most out of your assessment solutions.

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Leveraging Formative Assessments

Learn strategies for implementing a variety of easy-to-use formative assessments to understand each learner’s progress, adjust instruction, provide feedback, and document student growth.

Creating Effective Assessments

Explore factors to consider when designing assessments. Learn to analyze assessment items for rigor, and practice designing your own effective assessment strategies.

Strategies for Scoring and Feedback

Review the purpose of feedback and learn new strategies for delivering effective feedback that improves student learning.

Differentiation: Instruction for ALL Learners

Gain a greater depth of knowledge about differentiating instruction for the wide range of learners. Learn how to best design curriculum and lessons to manage a differentiated classroom.

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Laying the Foundation for Differentiation

Explore the definition of differentiation, the purpose of personalized instruction, and the value that differentiation has for all levels of learners.

Effective Approach to Differentiation

Learn strategies for differentiating by content, process, resource, or product to maximize student growth.

Strategies for Differentiation

Discover five specific, focused, and ready-to-implement strategies for differentiated instruction.

Blended Learning Practices

Explore how re-envisioned learning breaks down traditional barriers and opens new opportunities for students to engage and advance.

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Defining Blended Learning

Discover blended learning, learn about its benefits, and explore a variety of ways to successfully implement a blended approach in your classroom.

Strategies for Blending Learning

Access, utilize, and apply blended learning through a comprehensive walk-through of a number of approaches.

Planning for Blended Learning

Experience an in-depth exploration of blended learning options and see its impact on student engagement.

Our Global Specialists

HMH Global Solution Specialists provide tailored training around critical and relevant educational issues. Education experts who have “walked the walk”, our team has seen what success looks like firsthand and is dedicated to inspiring, informing, and motivating a global shift in education.

Amy Derethik
Director of International Professional Learning
Julia Fogelin
Global Solutions Specialist
Kamal Fakhreddine
Global Solutions Specialist
Muhammad Jeenah
Global Solutions Specialist
Shatta Garcia Mejia
Global Solutions Specialist
Suzanne Noor
Global Solutions Specialist
Wei Li, Ed. D.
Global Solutions Specialist

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