Bio Shatta Mejia

Shatta Garcia Mejia

Global Solutions Specialist

Shatta Garcia Mejia has over 26 years of experience as an educator serving in both a teacher and an administrator capacity, including being a principal for a K-6 Dual Language Immersion School. He is an ardent advocate for education programs, particularly those involving special education and educational equity. He believes that the power of education is in relationship building and collaboration that results in higher order thinking. He also believes teachers must have passion for both parts of their job: Data-Gatherer and Artist. Now, as a Global Solution Specialist at HMH, he brings his passion around relationship building and data gathering to educators across the globe and supports them in building impactful relationships in their schools and classrooms. He focuses on supporting school leaders and teachers with rigor and adaptability of quality learning resources and digital technologies to help students develop and achieve academic excellence.