A new era of assessment for Spanish speakers

Targeted intervention demands fair and effective diagnostic tools. Designed for use with Spanish-dominant students, the Batería IV Woodcock-Muñoz (Batería IV™) provides a psychometrically sound measure of cognitive abilities and academic skills in Spanish.

Scheduled for release in late 2018, Batería IV ensures every student is met with what they need, when they need it.

Updated norms and content that reflect current Spanish linguistic conventions and culture.

Cattell-Horn-Carroll (CHC) framework-based to offer ease of use and flexibility for examiners.

Parallels with the WJ IV allow for a direct comparison of a student's skills in Spanish and English.


The Cognitive Battery

The Cognitive Battery includes 14 tests and 15 clusters. Use it to accurately pinpoint learning problems in native Spanish speakers as well as measure 5 CHC abilities:

•  Comprehension-Knowledge (Gc)

•  Fluid Reasoning (Gf)

•  Short-Term Working Memory (Gwm)

•  Cognitive Processing Speed (Gs)

•  Auditory Processing  (Ga)

The Achievement Battery

The Achievement Battery includes 13 tests and 17 clusters. Use it to screen, diagnose, and monitor progress in reading, writing, and mathematics achievement areas. Cross-Domain Clusters include:

•  Academic Skills

•  Academic Fluency

•  Academic Applications

•  Brief Achievement

•  Broad Achievement


Criselda Alverado, Ed.D.
Co-author, WMLS III
Dr. Fred Schrank
Author, Woodcock-Johnson IV
Dr. Kevin S. McGrew
Author, Woodcock-Johnson IV
Dr. Nancy Mather
Author, Woodcock-Johnson IV
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