Routines for Language Development


Academic Language, Writing, Speaking & Listening

The Language & Writing Portfolio is an interactive worktext with scaffolds for student learning, instruction, and practice. Students engage in vocabulary, language, speaking and listening, and writing activities that help them develop and apply academic English with peers and with their teachers.

The Course A Language & Writing Portfolio provide students with daily, accountable opportunities to develop academic vocabularies and language functions.  Students learn the key elements, text structure, and transition words and phrases for six academic writing types.

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The Course B Language & Writing Portfolio helps students develop the writing skills and strategies needed for more advanced academic writing assignments, such as justification essays and argument research papers.

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The Course C Language & Writing Portfolio builds on the instruction and routines from Courses A and B.  Students will apply and develop their writing and speaking skills through more challenging assignments, such as  academic discussions, formal academic writing assignments, and scaffolded 60-second and 2-minute speeches.

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