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Schedule of Events

June 25-28, 2023 | Orlando World Center, FL

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  • June 25

    Pre-Conference Sessions

    Sessions: 11 am-4 pm EST
    Conference Opening Keynote: 7 pm EST

  • June 26-28

    The Main Event

    Monday, June 26 • 8 am–4:30 pm EST
    Tuesday, June 27 • 8 am–4:30 pm EST
    Wednesday, June 28 • 8 am–noon EST

Meet the Speakers

  • Adam Drummond WF1647850

    Adam Drummond, EdD

    Associate Partner, ICLE and Author, Instructional Leadership

  • Venola Mason WF1647850

    Venola Mason

    Associate Partner, ICLE and Author, Instructional Excellence, Social and Emotional Learning

  • Eric Sheninger

    Eric Sheninger

    Associate Partner, ICLE and Author, Personalized Learning and Leadership

  • Joshua Starr WF1647850

    Dr. Joshua P. Starr

    Managing Partner, ICLE and Author, Equity-Based Leadership

Hit the Ground Running with our Pre-Conference Sessions

We’ve created five exciting half-day sessions on Sunday, June 25, designed to offer teams of leaders and teachers targeted support for transformation in key areas of need. Plus, pre-cons are a great primer for the MSC main event, offering helpful context and focus for the days of professional learning ahead.

Pre-Conference Sessions: Sunday, June 25

  • Increasing Belonging through Positive Relationships

    Learn research-based strategies for creating environments where positive relationships drive powerful learning on the topics of relationship building, mental well-being of students and staff, and determining curriculum connections that represent students.

    Best for: elementary and secondary classroom teachers, support staff, special education teachers, and guidance counselors

  • Sustaining a High-Functioning Classroom

    Explore how to create a learning environment with strategies for transitioning from one activity to the next, setting clear goals, managing effectively, and applying key culturally responsive practices.

    Best for: elementary and secondary classroom teachers and classroom support staff

  • Curating Your Culture

    This session will prepare leaders to purposefully develop school culture and provide no-cost, practical methods that can be used immediately. Network, collaborate, and leave feeling prepared, confident, and empowered to positively impact your school's culture and improve student outcomes.

    Best for: building-level leaders (principals, assistant principals) and aspiring leaders

  • Equity-Based Leadership with Dr. Joshua P. Starr

    When district reforms are conceived with social justice in mind, schools move toward fulfilling the long-standing promise of equitable education in America. Effective collaboration among superintendents, central-office leaders, school board members, and stakeholders is imperative for school and student success. This experience provides multiple entry points for executing on equity-based leadership, considering resource allocation according to vision and need, applying a system of talent management for retaining great educators, using data insights to drive decision-making, and understanding the levers of positive school system culture.

    Best for: superintendents, cabinet members, central office leaders, school board members, and principals

  • Embracing Personalized Learning with Eric Sheninger

    Shift your thinking from "what" to "who" to emphasize personal ownership of learning through relevant contexts and applications. Explore blended strategies and examples of personalized learning with and without technology in any classroom.

    Best for: superintendents, assistant superintendents, principals, assistant principals, teachers, and support staff

I learned more than I thought possible. So many ideas and perceptions matched my own and I wish more teachers could hear these messages. Thank you again.

Jeanie James

English Teacher, Canyon View High School, Waddell, AZ

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Learn from Educators Driving Transformational Change

2023 MSC presenters are selected in these three categories from submissions by top educators across the county who have demonstrated measurable success.

  • Model School WF1647850

    Model School

    Featuring high-performing schools that demonstrate improvement through innovative and exemplary practices

  • Innovative District WF1647850

    Innovative District

    Highlighting the creative thinking and best practices driving systemic change across a school district

  • Epic Educator WF1647850

    Epic Educator

    Showcasing an educator’s successful practices that can be adapted and replicated in other classrooms

A Variety of Sessions to Deepen Learning

  • Keynotes & Featured Speakers

    Be inspired by forward-thinking speakers who will challenge your thinking and provide real-world ideas for pushing innovation.

  • Model Schools, Innovative Districts, and Epic Educator Sessions

    Discover how educators, like you, are taking courageous steps toward improving teaching and learning outcomes.

  • How-To Sessions

    Take part in how-to sessions and uncover the "Guide" for step-by-step approaches for improving rigor, relevance, and relationships in the classroom.

  • MSC Real Talk

    In these candid chats, learn the habits, tactics, tools, and routines that expert practitioners use to navigate the daily journey of education and life.

  • Networking Idea Labs

    Participate in an exploratory learning experience that integrates multiple instructional strategies, problem solving, and digital technologies. A true high rigor/high relevance Quad D learning opportunity!

  • Dynamic Conversations

    Join education leaders for deep conversations on relatable and pressing education topics.

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