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Live Online Courses and Coaching

You’ve transitioned to remote learning, and you want to support your students and your staff, no matter where they are. We can help. Our team of highly certified coaches are here to help you address your most immediate needs in live, online courses and coaching. From six-hour courses to year-long membership packages, our flexible offerings are personalized to fit your schedule and help your learning community succeed this fall and all year long.

of teachers are implementing distance learning
of teachers report one of their most serious challenges is moving to online instruction
of teachers report their training did not prepare them for distance learning

Source: Voices from the (Virtual) Classroom, May 2020 Educators for Excellence

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Courses & Packages

Explore our live, online course offerings.

Each course is six total hours and delivered in live, online sessions. Up to 35 teachers can join, and flexible scheduling is available.

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Navigating Unpredictable Learning Environments

No matter the modality, instruction begins by establishing a safe and responsive learning environment for all students.

Through this online experience, participants will:

  • Build a safe and responsive learning plan
  • Identify student academic and social-emotional needs through formative assessment and develop strategies for differentiation and small-group instruction
  • Design accessible, equitable learning opportunities to mitigate the impact of interrupted learning

Keep reading to learn how you can bundle this course with online coaching and our award-winning HMH Coaching Studio platform.

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Planning for Effective Remote Learning

Planning purposeful and connected learning is essential when working in flexible learning environments. Instruction that provides for in-class, remote, and hybrid learning opportunities helps ensure all students engage in meaningful learning.

Through this online experience, participants will:

  • Develop a plan for building meaningful connections with students and families
  • Balance digital and non-digital learning experiences with a focus on equity
  • Execute instructional plans that support depth of learning for all students

Scroll down to learn how you can bundle this course with online coaching and our award-winning HMH Coaching Studio platform.

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Navigate and Plan for Effective Remote Learning

Bundle the above courses and tackle these unpredictable times with a special package that includes the two courses plus coaching to ensure success throughout the school year. This package also includes access to our award-winning HMH Coaching Studio platform.

Reach out to learn more about our online course packages.

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Coaching Membership

Enjoy a full year of flexible professional learning.
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Empower Your Professional Learning Community with a Live Online Coaching Membership!

This year-long membership is personalized to fit your busy schedule and support your diverse learning needs. Through live webinars, you and/or your team will partner with an HMH® instructional coach to:

  • Explore model lessons
  • Plan differentiation strategies
  • Collaborate in our interactive coaching platform, HMH Coaching Studio

Contact us to learn more about our full-year membership and set your teachers up for success.

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HMH Coaching Studio

Get access to our award-winning coaching platform.

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