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A Shared Vision for Teacher and Student Success

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HMH and NWEA believe in the transformative power of education, and are deeply focused on helping all kids learn. Together, we have the opportunity to combine the best in assessment and curriculum, providing educators with even more valuable information to identify student needs, personalize instruction, and maximize outcomes for every learner.

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We are thrilled at the potential this acquisition brings for K–12 educators, at a time when the connection between instruction and assessment is increasingly critical for student success.

Jack Lynch


HMH Acquires NWEA

HMH has completed its acquisition of research and educational services organization NWEA. Operating as a division of HMH, NWEA will continue to provide content-agnostic assessment solutions that precisely measure K–12 growth and proficiency for school districts.

Together, HMH and NWEA will harness the collective power of instruction and research-based insights to support educators in their efforts to drive better outcomes for students.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Why did HMH acquire NWEA?

    Together, HMH and NWEA can better support teachers and students with research-backed curriculum and best-in-class assessments. HMH will deliver a holistic solution that helps educators understand how students are growing academically and what areas need the most focus to maximize growth. Most importantly, this solution will turn assessment insights into content recommendations that help teachers address student-specific skill gaps and advance student learning.

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  • How will HMH and NWEA operate going forward?

    NWEA will operate as a division of HMH, with the NWEA name, brand, and assessment and learning solutions remaining the same. CEO Jack Lynch will continue to lead HMH and Chris Minnich will serve as president of NWEA.

  • How will the proceeds of the acquisition be used?

    Proceeds from the acquisition will now go to the formation of a new private foundation that will continue NWEA’s commitment to making a difference for students.

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