Fall STEM Day Activities

Activities to help you celebrate STEM Day on November 8!

  • Celebrate STEM Using Hands-On Experiments and Science Stories

    On November 8 (and every day), try these quick, simple and easy STEM Day activities for elementary students—created by the Kitchen Pantry Scientist and author of STEAM project books, Liz Heinecke.

  • Celebrating Famous Women in Science Who Have Impacted the World

    Teach students about eight famous women in science by downloading these posters. These women have contributed to fields ranging from engineering to astronomy to chemistry.

  • Podcast: Being Bold and Wishing for Change with Kyle Schwartz in Denver, CO for Teachers in America

    Teacher and author of "I Wish My Teacher Knew", Kyle Schwartz, discusses how she helps students feel empowered to make a difference.

Learn more about HMH's K–12 science programs, which are designed to encourage student-directed learning and deeper understanding of concepts.