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HMH International
Educators Summit

Build Connection, Capacity, and Community

Educators the world over are facing similar systemic challenges. Learning recovery, rapidly emerging technology, the social-emotional wellbeing of our teachers and students, making time for effective professional development, and so much more – globally, educators’ plates are now fuller than ever.

Watch industry thought leaders as they uncover recent shifts in global education and provide actionable guidance that address educators’ top concerns to help learning communities across the globe build:


The new era of the classroom is a digital-first environment that works, and that makes strong connections between the teacher, student, classroom, and home.


The future of teacher professional development is flexible and personalized and leads to an increase in the collective power of professional learning communities.


Parents, administrators, policymakers, and community members are all needed to support teachers and foster a new generation of educators.

For Leaders


Leading Schools in Disruptive Times: Tips for Surviving Hyper-Change

Speaker: Mark White

Theme: Capacity

Description: We live in an era of hyper-change, and educators need new ways of thinking. In this session, participants will learn why the world is changing so rapidly, how it's affecting schools, and what school leaders must do to successfully lead their schools in a disrupted future.

WF1919962 Jillian Whatley

The Urgency of Shaping School Culture & Wellness: An Administrator’s Guide

Speaker: Dr. Jillian Whatley

Theme: Community

Description: This session delves into the critical elements of school culture and climate, emphasizing the profound impact they have on students' academic success, well-being, and overall school performance. Participants will gain insights into the interconnectedness of culture and climate, along with practical strategies to foster a positive and inclusive environment within educational settings.

WF1919962 Adam Withycombe

Cutting through the Noise: How to Build an Effective Assessment System

Speaker: Dr. Adam Withycombe

Theme: Connection

Description: This session will help examine your current assessment system with a focus on purpose, utilization, and alignment. Participants will engage in discussion around the prioritization of assessments, instructional resources, strategies, and overall practices.

For Teachers

WF1919962 Muhammad Jeenah

Global Insights: Unleash Classroom Potential with Tech-Powered Teaching

Speaker: Muhammad Jeenah

Theme: Connection

Description: This session explores the power of data-driven instruction and cutting-edge technology for international teachers. Participants will gain practical strategies to effortlessly integrate data insights, enhance your teaching approach, and optimize student outcomes.

WF1919962 Fenesha Hubbard

Using Entry Points for Equity: Tools and Strategies for Enacting Equity

Speaker: Fenesha Hubbard

Theme: Community

Description: POSTPONED due to a family emergency. Please accept our apologies as we work to reschedule this session. We will do our best to keep you notified on future opportunities and consider listening to this previously recorded podcast with Fenesha Hubbard and Joyce Smith.

WF1919962 Lindsay Prendergast

Habits of Resilient Educators: Strategies for Thriving During Times of Anxiety, Doubt, and Constant Change

Speaker: Dr. Lindsay Prendergast

Theme: Capacity

Description: Cultivating teacher agency – or the feeling of control over their own actions and their impact – mitigates uncertainty and brings teachers to the table as authentic agents of change. Join this session to examine specific habits in a framework that enables educators to regain control of their mindset and achieve utmost classroom impact.

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