HMH International
Educators Summit

Build Connection, Capacity, and Community

Educators the world over are facing similar systemic challenges. Learning recovery, rapidly emerging technology, the social-emotional wellbeing of our teachers and students, making time for effective professional development, and so much more – globally, educators’ plates are now fuller than ever.

Watch industry thought leaders as they uncover recent shifts in global education and provide actionable guidance that address educators’ top concerns to help learning communities across the globe build:

  • Connection

    The new era of the classroom is a digital-first environment that works, and that makes strong connections between the teacher, student, classroom, and home.

  • Capacity

    The future of teacher professional development is flexible and personalized and leads to an increase in the collective power of professional learning communities.

  • Community

    Parents, administrators, policymakers, and community members are all needed to support teachers and foster a new generation of educators.

Summit Sessions

Watch one or more sessions below on-demand to gain strategies that you can apply immediately.

  • Drummond

    Change Agents Rising

    Dr. Adam Drummond

    Instructional change agents must rise and emerge unapologetically bold into the era of innovation. This dynamic keynote session will explore key levers of leadership that positively influence instructional practices, learner engagement, and community advocacy.

  • Eric

    Disruptive Thinking in Our Classrooms: Preparing Learners for Their Future

    Eric Sheninger

    The best way educators can prepare students for success is to create a disruptive thinking culture in our classrooms and schools that future-proofs learning for ALL kids! Get ready for a roller coaster journey that weaves stories, practical ideas, and insights from thousands of classrooms to create meaningful learning experiences that will withstand the test of time.

  • Kate

    Proven Practices to Engage K–12 English Learners in Productive Lesson Interactions

    Dr. Kate Kinsella

    Improving English learner’s language and literacy skills is both a science and an art. Drawing on extensive experience serving K–12 English learners, Dr. Kinsella will provide attendees with evidence-based principles, classroom-tested guidance, and practical resources to help all students become confident communicators.

  • Amy endo

    How to Accelerate Literacy Growth in Striving Readers

    Dr. Amy Endo

    Uncover the latest, research-based literacy strategies for intervention that will benefit students who are reading below grade level. Dr. Amy Endo will address the science of reading’s latest research and which evidence-based teaching and learning principles are the most effective in today’s literacy classrooms.

  • Julie

    Assessments of Today and Imagining Tomorrow

    Dr. Julie Miles

    Explore the assessments of today, how and when to best use them, and uncover how artificial intelligence could play a role in improving the assessments of tomorrow.

  • Nathan

    The Science of Reading: Applying What We Know and Navigating What We Don’t

    Dr. Nathan Clemens

    “The Science of Reading” is a phrase that is used frequently, but what it means is sometimes unclear. This session will review what research says, and does not say, about how children learn to read and the instructional practices that are most effective.

  • Jillian

    Make Self-Care a Priority: A Journey to Wellness in Education

    Dr. Jillian Whatley

    The demands on educators—personally and professionally—have changed, and we must explore new avenues to protect and support our fellow teachers and ourselves. This powerful presentation will provide strategies to improve healthy mindsets and behaviors to enhance an educator's ability to manage the many stressors in their lives.