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5 Ways to Keep Students Engaged When Teaching Remotely
Keep students in elementary school and up engaged in remote learning so you can see that spark of excitement in your students again, even if it is via webcam.
Rachel Swartz
Sixth Grade Teacher, Riverdale Kingsbridge Academy (MS/HS 141), Bronx, New York
January 07, 2021
11 Most-Read Shaped Blogs of 2020
Before we say goodbye to 2020, we want to highlight the most-read Shaped blogs, written with you in mind as you navigated this most unusual year.
Christine Condon
Shaped Editor-in-Chief
December 17, 2020
5 Tips for Teaching Online Classes Live
Teachers need to truly engage students online, offer ways to move content from short- to long-term memory, and build relationships through a screen.
Adam Drummond, EdD
Director of Professional Learning, ICLE
December 10, 2020
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