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Donna Gradel Hero Image

This episode of Teachers in America features Donna Gradel, 2019 Oklahoma Teacher of the Year and a finalist for National Teacher of the Year.

Onalee Smith
Shaped Contributor


Middle school teacher Rachel Swartz shares her ideas for including the Carmen Sandiego character into classroom activities.

Rachel Swartz
Sixth Grade Teacher, Riverdale Kingsbridge Academy (MS/HS 141), Bronx, New York

Hero Brittany D2

On Teachers in America, Brittany Mamphey—a teacher in Cincinnati—talks about classroom management, teacher retention, and student empowerment.

Onalee Smith
Shaped Contributor

Hero Pd Mamphey 2

Fifth grade teacher Brittany Mamphey reflects on professional development for teachers and offers tips for how PD can become more meaningful.

Brittany Mamphey, M.Ed.
Dean of Students, Mt. Healthy South Elementary School, Ohio

Hero Tegtmeier Bff

Third-grade teacher Alexa Tegtmeier offers three reasons why teachers should befriend other teachers.

Alexa Tegtmeier
Third Grade Teacher, Curtis Guild Elementary School

5 June Podcast Alexa Students

Inspired by teachers nationwide and their candor in sharing their experiences, we offer a glimpse into their stories in a new podcast series.

Shaped Staff

Rachel Swartz Classroom Teachers In America

On the Teachers in America podcast series, Rachel Swartz—a teacher in the Bronx, New York—talks bullying, SEL, and inspiring teachers

Onalee Smith
Shaped Contributor

Podcast Hero Amand Rack2

On the Teachers in America podcast, Amanda Rack—a teacher in Southern California—opens up about the struggles of being a teacher mom.

Onalee Smith
Shaped Contributor

R Swartz Bullying

Sixth-grade teacher Rachel Swartz discusses her experience being bullied in high school and how her story helps build a positive classroom culture for her students.

Rachel Swartz
Sixth Grade Teacher, Riverdale Kingsbridge Academy (MS/HS 141), Bronx, New York

3 Podcast Hmh Rachel Swartz Classroom

Rachel Swartz, an ELA teacher in the Bronx, shares her perspective on what being a teacher in today’s world really entails.

Ireen Hossain
Writer, Girls Write Now

Hero Tia Cc 2

Our new podcast, HMH Learning Moments, gives voice to teachers and explores ways that the education industry can evolve and improve.

Christine Condon
Shaped Editor-in-Chief


Sy Montgomery, author of more than 20 books, shared the various life lessons we can all learn from animals and how her memoir came to be.

Caitlin Henault
Senior Communications Associate, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Rocket Scientist Podcast

This conversation features HMH CEO Jack Lynch and Acevedo—rocket scientist, entrepreneur, and CEO of the Girl Scouts.

Caitlin Henault
Senior Communications Associate, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

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